Our 100th Ep: Useful Advice from 2021

Today we celebrate our 100th podcast with an episode on all the golden nuggets we received during 2021 from Warren Ingram and our guest speakers. Save this episode for quick advice on starting your investing journey, tips on global investing, more on crypto, Warren’s personal global investment portfolio, how to get the best return on your investments, investing in the domicile & more. 

Topics/ Questions: 

  1. Tips on starting your investing journey
  2. Global Investing Advice 
  3. More on cryptocurrency 
  4. Warren’s personal global investing portfolio 
  5. How to get the best returns on your investments 
  6. Looking at investing and time horizons, how to work out your retirement budget, and the Bengen rule
  7. Index investments 
  8. Investing in the domicile 
  9. Trusts vs Foundations 
  10. Overdrafts and using it for investing 
  11. Tips on buying a car

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