Kickstart Your 2022: Top Tips for Reaching Your Goals

We kick off this 2022 with top tips from Warren Ingram on how to succeed in your financial goals this year. Wholesome advice on understanding your money, budgeting pillars, debt plans, tax season contributions, relooking at your investment plans, and the benefits of finding a finance buddy. 

Topics/ Questions: 

  1. Understanding your money: expenses vs investment allocations
  2. Budgeting Pillars: wasted expenditure, lifestyle expenditure, debt & necessities budget
  3. Touching on various income revenues & emergency funds
  4. Debt Plan: What to focus on first
  5. Why having a Will is important 
  6. Tax Season: Contributions, TFSA investments, RA’s & Capital Gains
  7. Relooking your investments 
  8. Financial support using stokvels and positive peer pressure 

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