Beyond Bitcoin: Understanding the Foundations of Crypto

We have a special 3-part series talking with authors Steven Boykey Sidley and Simon Dingle on their book, Beyond Bitcoin: Decentralised Finance and The End of Banks. Warren Ingram speaks to Steven & Simon about the ins and outs of crypto, the blockchain system, what decentralisation is, how banking will be affected and more. 

Topics/ Questions: 

  1. What is Bitcoin? 
  2. Who started the idea of crypto/ digital money? 
  3. Who developed the blockchain system? 
  4. What does a smart contract mean?
  5. What is the blockchain system? 
  6. What does decentralisation mean? 
  7. How is decentralisation linked to the blockchain system? 
  8. How safe is the system & what are the White Hat Hackers? 
  9. Traditional finance and banking vs crypto

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