Beyond Bitcoin: Crypto in the Modern World

In today’s (part 2 of 3) episode we speak to authors Steven Boykey Sidley and Simon Dingle on their new book, Beyond Bitcoin: Decentralised Finance and The End of Banks. In this episode Warren Ingram and our guest speakers cover the safety of crypto, transactions, how it’s valued, what is a Stable Coin and how does this affect Reserve Banks.

Topics/ Questions: 

  1. Crypto has been known for encouraging illegal payments/ activities, is this still true?
  2. Are Bitcoin transactions anonymous or are payments traceable? 
  3. Is the blockchain system trustworthy?
  4. How is crypto/ Bitcoin currency valued? 
  5. What is a stable coin?
  6. How does the Reserve Bank interact with crypto? 
  7. How have other countries used digital currencies? 
  8. Will Reserve Banks sway towards using digital currency? 
  9. What are the pros and cons of using crypto? 

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