Investing 101: The Importance of Asset Allocation

Today Warren Ingram invites Ray Mhere, Retail Business Head for Prescient to discuss the importance of asset allocation. Warren and Ray touch on goals, time horizons, risk tolerance, global investments, and more advice on how to reach financial freedom. 

Questions/ Topics: 

  1. Why is asset allocation important
  2. How goals and time horizon affect your returns 
  3. What is risk tolerance and can you handle the emotional rollercoaster 
  4. How does asset allocation help with risk tolerance? 
  5. Why you should combine cash and share investments in your portfolio
  6. Unit trusts and balance funds 
  7. Asset allocations outsourced locally, global and offshore 
  8. Building up a global portfolio using a fund manager/ investor 
  9. Tips on investing in shares 

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