UCT Q&A: How To Reach Financial Freedom For Students

In today’s podcast, Warren Ingram was invited to do a Q&A with the UCT investment society and give tips on how to begin their journey to financial freedom. In this Q&A episode, Warren speaks to steps on achieving financial freedom, how to decide which shares are right for you, property investments, TFSA’s, ETFs, and more. 

Questions/ Topics: 

  1. What is financial freedom? 
  2. Step 1: What does being debt-free mean? 
  3. Step 2: Setting up an emergency fund 
  4. Step 3: Building up your investment assets 
  5. Shares & how to make the right decision 
  6. Cash as an investment: Inflation vs interest
  7. Property as an investment 
  8. More on Tax-Free Savings Accounts 
  9. Bad debt vs “good” debt 
  10. What percentage should you save of your salary to achieve financial freedom
  11. How to structure your investment portfolio & asset allocation
  12. Bonds vs Investments: Which one is better? 
  13. Beating the market: What does this mean and how can i do this?
  14. What’s Warren’s preferred ETF
  15. More on the S&P 500
  16. Are there any investment books and podcasts you can recommend? 
  17. Can I still invest with a small amount of money?
  18. What is a feeder fund and how does it work?

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