Data-Driven Investing: How Big Data Analytics is Transforming Investment Decision-Making

Today Warren Ingram speaks to Cheree Dyers, the CEO at Prescient, about how data-driven investing is the way of the future. Learn how the financial industry is using big data to improve returns and reduce risk ensuring smart decision-making and culture-building. 

Topics/ Questions:

  • The benefits of data-driven strategies for improving returns and reducing risk
  • The importance of upskilling your team in data analysis and programming
  • Building a data-driven culture within the organizations
  • How big data is transforming risk management in finance
  • Balancing data-driven analysis with qualitative factors such as market trends and geopolitical risks
  • The role of artificial intelligence in supporting rational decision-making processes and reducing bias
  • Building your business models for the future 
  • Prescient transparency and the eco-system 
  • Asset managers of the future and what this looks like 

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