Where Do I Go to Get Impartial Financial Advice? Are Global Equity Funds Overheated?

Warren answers the following two questions from the listeners with the help of Katlego Mei (Para Planner at Galileo Capital): Questions: Where is the best place to get impartial advice to help me invest an amount of roughly R100k?  Are Global Equity Funds overheated (too expensive) or not?  Send us your Voice Note question on WhatsApp to (+27) […]

Warren Ingram Interviews the Co-Founder of WeBuyCars, Faan Van Der Walt.

Faan Van Der Walt is the co-founder and executive director of WeBuyCars, one of SA’s leading car sales brands.  Faan shares his entrepreneurial story of him and his team built the company over 20+ years. He also gives his personal advice on how you can get the best value for money when buying a car […]

Q&A With Warren Ingram: How to Invest Offshore; Earning Passive Income From a Lump Sum of Capital; Benefitting From Compound Interest

Warren answers 3 important questions from the listeners with the help of Katlego Mei, who is a Para Planner at Galileo Capital. Questions/topics:  1.     As a farmer with most of my assets tied up in land and livestock in SA, how do I diversify my portfolio and invest offshore? 2.     What is the best way to preserve […]