Maximising Growth: Strategies to Double Your Investment and Manage Risks

Investors frequently ask how long it will take for their investment to double in value. The answer is determined by their risk tolerance and patience with investments. This article explores the timelines for doubling investments across various assets, considering growth rates, additional contributions, and the potential downside risks.

Understanding the Dynamics

The table below details the expected timeframes for doubling a R100,000 investment across different assets, factoring in annual growth rates, monthly additions of R1,000, and the likelihood of a significant loss in a given year.

InvestmentGrowth RateYears to DoubleAdding R1,000 per monthPossibility of Halving in One Year
SA Shares10.5%6.93.6 yearsHighest
SA Real Estate8.7%8.34 years2nd Highest
Gold6.5%114.6 years3rd Highest
SA Cash5.9%12.24.9 yearsLeast Likely

The Power of Consistent Contributions

The table above assumes a one-time R100,000 investment, but the real power lies in consistent additions. Without additional contributions, a R100,000 investment in the stock market index may double in seven years. However, by contributing R1,000 monthly, this period can be halved. Regularly adding to assets capitalises on the compounding effect, enhancing growth potential.

Growth at a Cost

While SA Shares may seem like the most lucrative option based on growth rates alone, the possibility of halving in one year should make people consider their options more carefully. The high growth potential of shares must be viewed in the light of potential losses. That requires investors to be patient and invest for 5 to 10 years to ensure that they smooth out the effects of short-term market drops.

Market Dynamics and Long-Term Gains

Shares, characterised by their erratic growth, experience peaks and troughs. While the exact market fluctuations are unpredictable, historical data shows that shares are rewarding over extended periods. Investing with a long-term perspective is crucial to weathering market uncertainties.

Staying the Course

Market unpredictability should not deter investors; maintaining a disciplined strategy is critical. The ability to adhere to a plan, especially during market turbulence, significantly impacts potential growth. Financial success isn’t solely about expertise but commitment to a well-thought-out strategy.


Doubling your investment involves a delicate balance of risk, patience, and strategic decision-making. While each asset class has its merits, the key takeaway is the importance of a long-term approach and the power of consistent contributions. By understanding the dynamics of different investments, investors can make informed decisions, ultimately realising their financial goals.

Written by Warren Ingram

CFP®, Wealth Manager, public speaker and author. Host of the HonestMoney podcast. FPI South Africa Financial Planner of the Year 2011.