Breaking Down Income Protection, What It Means And Does It Cover COVID And Other Illnesses

An interesting topic that is relevant to most South Africans, what is income protection and why would I need it? Warren Ingram and Elmarie Samuel, Senior Technical Marketing Specialist at FMI, speak about the ins and outs of income protection and answer questions around COVID related protection, the difference between lump-sum disability and more.  

Topics/ Questions: 

  1. What is income protection for? 
  2. What are some of the most common reasons for loss of income based on statistics?
  3. Would I be protected with income insurance if I got COVID? 
  4. What’s the difference between lump-sum disability protection and income protection? 
  5. How do I make sure I am covered and will actually be paid out if needed? 
  6. Do you get a pricing benefit from long-term vs short-term income protection? 
  7. Does the waiting period clause have an impact on the monthly premium fees? 
  8. Can an individual apply for income protection through FMI or do they need to go through an advisor? 

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