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Business Advice Around Staff Motivation, Leadership Skills and Upcoming Opportunities in the African Market

A podcast all about leadership with successful businessmen, Rory Kirton and Warren Ingram. Some honest advice around staff motivation, leadership skills and upcoming opportunities in the African market.  Questions/ Topics:  How did you grow your business during the political upheaval and during the instability of the South African economy?   Tips on how to motivate your staff after […]

Using Overdrafts For Investments & Financial Advice Around Purchasing a Car That is Best For Your Pocket (Q&A)

In today’s episode, Warren Ingram does a Q&A around using overdrafts for investments and provides financial advice around purchasing a car that is best for your pocket.  Questions/ Topics:  How can I use my overdraft to benefit me in terms of investing or getting financial gain?  What financial advice do you have around buying a […]

Want To Become A Financial Planner? Here’s What You Need To Know (Q&A with Warren Ingram)

We got a great question from a follower about becoming a financial planner and is there a need for financial planners in the South African economy. Listen to what Warren Ingram has to say in this interesting Q&A episode.  Topics/ Questions:  What are the pros and cons of becoming a financial planner?  What is the […]