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How to Choose the Right ETF for You

In today’s episode, Warren Ingram answers your questions about how to choose the right ETF for you, how they work, and how are they calculated, is it based on a percentage mass formula or mathematical models? Listen for more. Questions/ Topics: How would I find research & resources on companies I want to invest in? Secondly, could […]

Investing in Gold: Is It Worth It & How Does It Work?

In today’s episode, Warren Ingram answers your questions around investing in gold, and what the difference is between gold ETFs, shares and physical bars. I want to understand more about gold. Physical gold, gold shares and gold ETFs, which one is best to buy and what is the difference between them? Have a question for […]

First Time Homeowners: What To Consider Before Buying

Buying a property is a big investment and something that requires a lot of research. In today’s episode, Warren Ingram speaks to guest speaker, Molatelo, on tips for first-time homeowners. They cover topics around being a homeowner, the things to look out for, the importance of maintenance, property inspectors, and more.  Questions/ Topics:  What do you need to […]