Should I Calculate Inflation When Working Out My Returns, Where Should I Invest a Large Lump Sum of Money & Where Should I Save First, Emergency Fund or TFSA?

Warren Ingram answers your questions around calculating your returns with inflation in mind, where to invest a large lump sum of money (short-term) and where to save your money, in your emergency fund or your TFSA. Listen to this weeks Q&A below.  

Questions/ Topics: 

  1.  How do you calculate your real return on investments when you look at a fact sheet of an ETF? Should you consider inflation and deduct it from your returns? 
  2.  My in-laws have about 500k in their accounts and they want to invest it somewhere. What’s the best place for them to invest this money? 
  3.  Is it better for me to save more in my emergency fund or max out my Tax-Free Savings Account instead?

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