From a CA to a CFP, Rochelle Wants To Know About Changing Careers

Today’s Q&A is guest speaker Rochelle who is a Chartered Accountant and wants to work towards becoming a qualified Certified Financial Planner. Warren Ingram and Rochelle speak around post-graduate degrees, board exams, internships, what the struggles are in the industry and more. 

Questions/ Topics:

  1. What do you need to become a CFP? 
  2. What do you need to take into consideration when needing to do the board exams? 
  3. Do you need working experience before you can complete the second board exam? 
  4. Are there any companies or organizations that would be willing to give interns experience? 
  5. What are the current struggles in the industry? 
  6. Am I crazy for wanting to study this at the age of 42? 

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