Black Friday Spending Advice, Avoiding Online Fraud, How To Get a Good Credit Rating & More

Did you know that 3/10 people can’t pay off their debt 6 months after purchase? Black Friday and Cyber Monday are around the corner which means plenty of temptation for spending money you may not have. In this episode Warren Ingram speaks to CEO of TransUnion Africa, Lee Naik, on how to get a good credit rating, debt statistics around promo season, avoiding online fraud and tips for smart spending this Black Friday. 

Questions/ Topics: 

  1. What are some of your top tips to help someone get a good credit rating? 
  2. How do I access my credit report and how will it help me? 
  3. From Nov 2020, what were the credit payments like 6 months after purchase? 
  4. What are the current statistics of online fraud? 
  5. Tips for avoiding digital fraud this Black Friday
  6. Tips for smart spending this Black Friday/ Cyber Monday

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