Where Best to Put a Large Amount of Money & More on Preservation Funds When Exiting a Job

Today we have our last podcast and Q&A for 2021! Find out what Warren Ingram says around where best your money would be when receiving a large lump sum, paying off your bond, your car, in your TFSA account or investments? We also find out more about when leaving a job, what is the best route to take when getting your RA paid out, is a Preservation Fund the way to go and what considerations should be taken into account. 

Topics/ Questions: 

  1. I have a lump sum of money, where best would it be, in my bond, paying off my car, in my Tax-Free Savings Account or should I invest it? 
  2. I am leaving my company and need to know what the considerations are with Preservation Funds? I am not inclined to go the RA route. 

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