How to Get More Bang for Your Buck Through Saving & Investing (Q&A)

It’s that time of year, saving is on all of our minds! Warren Ingram answers your questions about long-term and short-term investments as well as working out your saving percentage pre/ post-tax.

Topics/ Questions: 

  1. My mom inherited some money but she doesn’t need to use it at the moment, she wants to invest or save it but she doesn’t want to take on too much risk. What investment should she invest in that will offer her better returns than a savings account but is low risk? I’ve also been looking at savings and many sites give you a percentage to save of your salary, is this before or after tax? 
  2. I have a question about short-term saving goals (2-3yrs), where would you recommend I invest? Would it be a unit trust, a balanced fund, or an ETF? 

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