Q&A: Advice on Selling Your Property & Investing to Reach Financial Freedom

Today Warren Ingram answers your questions on the S&P500 vs MSCI World Index ETFs and whether selling property, investing the money, and renting until your goal amount is achieved is the best way to reach financial freedom. 

Topics/ Questions: 

  1. My question is about whether it’s best to invest in an ETF like the S&P500 or the MSCI World. I’ve heard some people say the S&P500 is a good ETF to have but i know the MSCI world is more diverse and has most of the companies listed in the S&P500. Should I invest in one of them or both of them? 
  2. I have paid off my house and I’d like to sell it as it no longer suits my needs. My plan is to sell the house and invest the money whilst I rent for the next 5-7years until I’ve made enough to pay off the new house. Is this a good idea or should I get a bond for the difference and buy the house from the start? 

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