Budget Speech 2023/24: Expert Insights for South African Tax Payers

In today’s episode Warren Ingram and Reza Ismail, Head of Bonds at Prescient, discuss the South African Budget Speech 2023/2024. They touch on inflation, tax rebates, the analysis of small emerging markets, energy crisis rebates, tax buoyancy, risk aversion, and what this all means for the South African taxpayer & business owners.

Questions/ Topics:

  • Introduction to the South African Budget Speech 2023/2024
  • Explanation of Aggregate Demand and how it impacts the South African economy
  • Overview of GDP growth in South Africa and what the projected numbers are for the coming year
  • Discussion of inflation and how it affects the purchasing power of South African citizens
  • Analysis of how small emerging markets like South Africa are affected by volatility and risk aversion in the global economy
  • Explanation of what the Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement is and its significance in relation to the Budget Speech
  • Examination of tax buoyancy and what it means for South African taxpayers
  • Discussion of tax rebates in relation to the current energy crisis in South Africa and how they may help alleviate some of the financial burden on citizens and businesses
  • Explanation of any changes to tax rates that were announced in the Budget Speech
  • Analysis of how corruption and mismanagement have impacted South Africa’s economy and what measures are being taken to address these issues
  • Final thoughts on the Budget Speech 2023/2024 and its implications for the future of South Africa’s economy

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