The Future of Finance & Technology

This podcast episode delves into the topic of technology in finance, exploring its growing usage and impact on the industry. Warren Ingram covers Robo advisors, financial literacy tools, and privacy concerns with guest speaker Money Marx, Pieter de Villers.

Topic/ Questions:

  • Exploration of the intersection of AI and finance, discussing the latest trends and developments in the field
  • Statistics around the usage of AI in finance, highlighting the increasing adoption of this technology across the industry
  • ChatGPT & how AI is transforming the finance sector
  • The role of Robo advisors within fintech companies, and how they are changing the landscape of financial services
  • We also explore how AI tools and recommendations are helping to improve financial literacy, making it easier for people to manage their money and make informed decisions
  • The relationship between financial planners and Robo advisors, examining the ways in which these two types of professionals can work
  • Privacy concerns around the collection of data, and the potential risks associated with web 3.0 and cyber security threats
  • How financial literacy can help people protect themselves from fraud

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