South Africa and the Global Economy: Perspectives on Inflation and Interest Rates

In today’s episode, Warren Ingram invites Bastian Teichgreeber, Chief Investment Officer at Prescient, to discuss how the global interest rate and inflation increase affects the international and South African market. 

  1. Inflation and interest rates are interconnected and significantly impact the economy.
  2. Inflation rates have been rising globally due to supply chain disruptions and increased demand.
  3. Central banks raise interest rates in response to inflation, which can affect borrowing costs and investment decisions.
  4. Bond prices and yields are affected by changes in interest rates, which can impact bond markets and investors.
  5. Stock market valuations can be affected by inflation and interest rates.
  6. Global economic developments, such as US interest rate policy, China’s economic policies, and geopolitical events, can impact inflation rates.
  7. South Africa’s economy is vulnerable to global economic trends, and the South African Reserve Bank’s policy decisions can impact the country’s inflation and interest rates.

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