The Global Investor: Q&A on Navigating ETFs, Taxes & Immigration

In this week’s episode, Warren Ingram answers your questions about ETFs, whether it’s better to withdraw your dividends or reinvest, as well as questions about tax savings on RA/ pension funds if you immigrate.

Questions/ Topics:

  1. My question is about ETFs that payout dividends versus ETFs that reinvest the dividends. Can you please discuss the pros and the cons of each if faced between two ETFs, let’s take the MSCI World distributing or the MSCI world accumulating which one is better? And should the decision of which one you select be influenced by perhaps your age, is it suitable for youngsters or more suitable for retired/ unemployed people who want a regular income? 
  2. My question is regarding tax on one’s RA/ pension upon immigration versus the tax savings that one gets from SARS for contributing to your RA/ pension. Is it fair to say that the tax that you pay when you immigrate is equivalent to the tax savings you have enjoyed from SARS?  Or is the tax on immigration greater than the savings you’ve enjoyed from SARS for contributing to regulation 28? Or is the reverse true, do you actually save more by contributing to RA/ pension? 

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