The Active vs. Passive Debate: Examining the Performance of Each Strategy

Join Warren Ingram and Rupert Hare, CFA, CAIA, Head of Multi-Asset at Prescient, as we delve into the difference between active and index/ passive funds, asset managers, and the best performance strategy for each.  A podcast filled with tips and tricks on diversifying your portfolio and saving on fees.

Questions/ Topics: 

  1. What is asset management? 
  2. What are active funds? 
  3. What are passive funds? 
  4. What does “Alpha” profiling mean? 
  5.  Why is it important to know the difference? 
  6. Choosing your options and the perks of each?
  7. Active managers: How active are they really?
  8. How much equities/ bonds do you get after fees? 
  9. What are the current asset management fees: local vs global 
  10. What time horizon and what would make the fees worth it?
  11. Can you mix active and passive funds?   

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