Data-Backed Investing: Leveraging Information for Financial Success

Today we speak about how data can be used to leverage investing success based on research and machine learning. Warren Ingram and Shriya Roy, Quantitative Analyst at Prescient, speak more about dirty data, how it’s being used in banking & investing as well as various ways to use clean data. 

Questions/ Topics:

1. Is all data good? 
2. What is a single source of truth in terms of data? 
3. What is the relationship between data & business? 
4. How is data being used in the different industries, FMCG and ITC?
5. The next Industrial Revolution & Big Data
6. How are investors using data to make money?
7. What is a “systematic house” approach in investing? 
8.  Different ways or using data 
9. The relationship between clean data and dirty data

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