South African Interest Rates: Current Landscape and Future Expectations

In today’s episode, Warren Ingram hosts Henk Kotze, Head of Cash & Income at Prescient, as they delve into the global impact of inflation and interest rate hikes. They discuss the significance of the American Federal Services, explore how global interest rates affect the world, and provide valuable guidance for investors on the current and upcoming interest rates in South Africa.

Questions/ Topics: 

  • How global hikes in inflation and interest rates affect the rest of the world 
  • What is “Shelter”, why is that important and how is it linked to the American Federal Services? 
  • American interest rates: What would you have earned over the last 10 years?
  • How the American Federal Services read and publish the data & how COVID made it’s impact
  •  What are the interest rates in South Africa and what can we expect in the upcoming months? 
  • Expected inflation rates and why it effects the South African economy 
  • What are the next steps investors should make 
  • If you had to meet your younger self, what would be the lesson you’d like to teach yourself 

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