Global or Local: The Investment Dilemma for Wealth Creation

Today Warren Ingram Yolande Botha, Head of Wealth Management at Galileo Capital, speak about investing globally, the considerations to keep in mind if you’re wanting to emigrate, how to build 3rd generational wealth locally and globally as well as how to navigate the exchange rates without making an emotional decision. 

Questions/ Topics:

  • How should i split my investments between local vs globally 
  • Should i invest locally if i’m planning to emigrate
  • What is a balanced Unit Trust 
  • Investing for generational wealth in South Africa and globally
  • Diversification and time horizons- why is this key to know 
  • What a 3 generation wealth mindset is
  • Investing offshore and how to navigate these markets 
  • How to phase your investments according to the exchange rates 
  • How emotional decision making can impact your returns 

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