From Instincts to Algorithms: Systematic Investing Evolution

Join Warren Ingram and Bastian Teichgreeber, Chief Investment Officer at Prescient, as they explore the history of investing from the 30s to the 90s, the ‘Sharp Ratio,’ modern portfolio theory, behavioral biases’, AI and so much more.

Questions/ Topics: 

  • Why is the history of investing relevant? 
  • An overview of what investing looked in from the 30’s- 90’s
  • Risk and return: was it always like this? 
  • The “Sharp Ratio”
  • Modern portfolio theory: The correlation between shares, the risk, return and diversification 
  • Behavioural biases and how this affects your investments 
  • Using AI and Big Data: understanding the advanced technologies and open source formulas 
  • Why you need an investment philosophy 

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