Investing in the Rand: An Insight into the Strengths & Struggles

Have you ever stopped to consider the power of the South African rand in shaping your financial future? Today Warren Ingram invites Rupert Hare, Head of Multi-Asset at Prescient, to tackle the often unpredictable nature of the rand, exploring how its strength affects our investment decisions and the crucial role it plays when considering offshore exposure.

Questions/ Topics: 

  • Exploring the Power of the South African Rand
  • Insights from Rupert of Pressient Investment Management
  • Unpredictable Nature of the Rand and Its Impact on Investments
  • The Role of the Rand in Offshore Exposure
  • Government Policies and External Factors’ Influence on the Rand
  • The Unique Challenge of Timing the Rand
  • Long-Term Investment Philosophy and Avoiding Market Timing
  • The Enduring Equilibrium of the Rand
  • Significance of the Rand in Investment Decisions
  • Navigating the Complexities of the Rand in Investment
  • Join us for an enlightening journey into investing with the Rand on Honest Money podcast.

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