The Geopolitical Shift: Unraveling the Potential of BRICS Currency

Today Warren Ingram invites Rupert Hare, Head of Multi-Asset at Prescient,  to delve into the debated concept of a BRICS currency,  geopolitical significance and challenges to G7 dominance, especially with India and China’s rising influence.  Discover the potential impacts such a currency could have on the global economic stage and the transformative power of emerging economies on global structures. 

Questions/ Topics

  • Exploring the global power shifts: spotlight on BRICS.
  • Geopolitical implications of the BRICS power bloc.
  • BRICS vs. G7 dominance.
  • The rising trajectories of India and China within BRICS.
  • Delving into the debated concept of a BRICS currency.
  • Expert insights from Pression Investment Management.
  • Potential and challenges of a unified BRICS currency.
  • Impacts on the global economic landscape.
  • Understanding emerging economies’ influence on global power dynamics.

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