ESG in Focus: The Shift Towards a Stakeholder Approach

Join Warren Ingram as he deep dives into the transformative world of ESG with Michelle Green, Credit Analyst and ESG Committee Chairman at Prescient Investment Management. Today we unpack the significance of environmental, social, and governance factors in reshaping investment strategies, emphasising its role in responsible investing and the shift from a shareholder-centric model to a holistic stakeholder approach.

Questions/ Topics:

  • Revolutionizing investment strategy with ESG.
  • Introduction to Michelle Green: Credit analyst and ESG committee chair at Pressient Investment Management.
  • Unpacking ESG: What it stands for and its relevance in investing.
  • Benefits and prominence of an ESG-focused strategy.
  • ESG’s role in responsible investing.
  • Importance of transparency and consistent information in ESG.
  • Navigating global sustainability trends.
  • Advantages of considering ESG in investment decisions.
  • ESG adoption statistics in South Africa.
  • Shift from shareholder-centric to stakeholder approach.
  • Reevaluating ESG’s role in both investing and company strategies.

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