The Future of Interest Rates: Predictions and Implications

Dive into the world of high inflation and interest rates with Warren Ingram and Bastian Teichgreeber, Chief Investment Officer at Pressient Investment Management.  Gain insights on potential positive developments in interest rates, the South African economy, and the cruciality of a long-term investment outlook. Don’t miss this episode filled with expert insights for navigating today’s complex economic environment.

Questions/ Topics: 

  • Navigating high inflation and interest rates.
  • Understanding unique economic landscapes across different countries.
  • Dissecting the dynamics between structural and cyclical interest rates.
  • Deep dive into the US economy and future of interest rates.
  • Shifting focus to central banking: debate, criticism, and underestimated inflation.
  • Exploring ‘soft landing’ and its implications for growth asset investors.
  • Analyzing future prospects: interest rates, inflation, and the South African economy.
  • Benefits for mortgage holders and the importance of a long-term investment outlook.
  • Equiping yourself with insights into the complex world of interest rates and the economy.

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