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Maximizing Your Returns: A Guide to Tax-Free Savings Accounts

In today’s episode, Warren Ingram invites Gabriel Botha, Business Development Manager at Prescient, to discuss the complex details of Tax-Free Savings Accounts and how they can benefit you from tax rebates, dividends, the limitations, and how TFSA & pension fund withdrawals work.  Questions/ Topics:  Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs) & what they offer  TFSA withdrawals TFSA contributions TFSA investments: dividend-paying […]

UCT Q&A: How To Reach Financial Freedom For Students

In today’s podcast, Warren Ingram was invited to do a Q&A with the UCT investment society and give tips on how to begin their journey to financial freedom. In this Q&A episode, Warren speaks to steps on achieving financial freedom, how to decide which shares are right for you, property investments, TFSA’s, ETFs, and more.  Questions/ Topics:  What is […]

How Much You Earn isn’t The Most Important Thing

We South Africans love to talk about how those around us are doing, especially financially. “He is doing so well. They are paying him millions.” This is one of the common quotes you hear in various forms around the water cooler at the office and around the braai on the weekend. However, what someone is […]