Stay Ahead This Tax Season with Advice From André Bothma & Warren Ingram

Tax season is coming to a close at the end of Feb! In today’s episode, Warren Ingram speaks to tax guru, André Bothma, on Tax-Free Savings Accounts, tax tips on your RA, side hustle provisional tax, the best time for bonus payouts, how tax works with portfolio diversification, and more about  André’s journey on becoming the Tax Maverick.

Topics/ Questions: 

  1. TFSA Limits: How does SARS know I’ve invested the R36,000.00 limit or lifetime R500,000.00 in my tax free investment account?
  2. Investing in TFSA: I understand the tax year ends at the end of Feb, would it be advisable to max out the R36,000.00 before then and continue with a R3000 contribution p/m from March?
  3. Individual tax tips on RA’s and how it helps with tax rebates
  4. Tax tips on side hustles and provisional tax 
  5. Tips on bonus payouts during February for businesses 
  6. Understanding how admin fees on your policies can affect your investments 
  7. Diversification and how it can help you 
  8. The Tax Maverick: André’s journey  
  9. Tax advice for entrepreneurs: what software will assist with the tax return process  

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