Financially Savvy: Understanding Unit Trusts and Affordable Stockbrokers Q&A

In today’s episode Warren Ingram offers a deeper understanding of unit trusts, emphasizing their safety, transparency, and the rights of unit holders. We also journey through the South African stockbroker landscape, providing key insights to ensure a confident and informed investment experience in this Q&A. Questions/ Topics: Have a question for Warren? Don’t forget to voice note […]

ESG in Focus: The Shift Towards a Stakeholder Approach

Join Warren Ingram as he deep dives into the transformative world of ESG with Michelle Green, Credit Analyst and ESG Committee Chairman at Prescient Investment Management. Today we unpack the significance of environmental, social, and governance factors in reshaping investment strategies, emphasising its role in responsible investing and the shift from a shareholder-centric model to a holistic […]

Money & Emotions: The Tug of War Within

In this episode, Warren Ingram explores the intricate relationship between our emotions and money. From the highs and lows of retail therapy to the adrenaline rush of investing, we uncover the psychological underpinnings that can either propel us forward or hold us back in our financial journey. Questions/ Topics:  Have a question for Warren? Don’t forget to […]