Maximising Growth: Strategies to Double Your Investment and Manage Risks

Investors frequently ask how long it will take for their investment to double in value. The answer is determined by their risk tolerance and patience with investments. This article explores the timelines for doubling investments across various assets, considering growth rates, additional contributions, and the potential downside risks. Understanding the Dynamics The table below details […]

The Geopolitical Shift: Unraveling the Potential of BRICS Currency

Today Warren Ingram invites Rupert Hare, Head of Multi-Asset at Prescient,  to delve into the debated concept of a BRICS currency,  geopolitical significance and challenges to G7 dominance, especially with India and China’s rising influence.  Discover the potential impacts such a currency could have on the global economic stage and the transformative power of emerging economies on global structures.  […]

Navigating Economic Trends: Harnessing Interest Rates for Investment Success

In today’s episode we dive deep into the dance between economic trends and investments. Warren Ingram helps us understand the impact of rising interest rates, move beyond sensational headlines, and navigate the volatile investment landscape with wisdom. Questions/ Topics: Have a question for Warren? Don’t forget to voice note your questions through our WhatsApp chat on (+27)79 807 […]