Saving for Your Child’s Schooling Career and Transferring Unit Trusts to ETFs Within the Same Institute, Q&A With Warren Ingram

In today’s episode, Warren Ingram does a Q&A on how to save for your child’s schooling career from preschool to university, looking at education policies, using a TFSA or opening an investment in your child’s name. Warren also answers Gwen’s question on transferring unit trusts to ETFs within your tax-free investments via the same organisation and the implications this would have. 

Topics/ Questions:

  1. As a new parent, how would you approach saving for your child’s schooling from preschool to university? 
  2. How does the process work when wanting to move a Unit Trust Tax-Free Investment to an ETF Tax-Free Investment within the same organization? What are the implications and how would this display on my tax certificate? 

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