How to Save on Your Monthly Water & Electricity Costs

Today Warren Ingram speaks to Craig Isaacson from unlimited solar to see how you can cut down your monthly electricity/ water costs using solar solutions. Warren and Craig also touch base on small changes you can make around the house to save money, what does Grid-Tied Solar Solutions mean, what the lifetime of solar setups and more. 

Topics/ Questions: 

  1. Is spending money on solar as a homeowner a good investment?
  2. Where would my money be best spent, on a solar geyser or solar panels? 
  3. Tips on ways to cut down your geyser costs
  4. What is a Grid-Tied Solar Solution? 
  5. Is there a financial difference between “living off-grid” vs people that use a hybrid solar-power solution?
  6. Savings tips for people living in apartment blocks
  7. What is a low-flow shower rose and how would that make a difference?
  8. Loadshedding: What is a feasible solution for people living in complexes 
  9. What is the lifetime of solar panels and how often do these need to be maintained? 
  10. What’s the one piece of advice you could give regarding solar savings?

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