Ethical Investing: What You Need to Know

On today’s episode we speak to research scientist, Sarisha Perumal, who wants to learn more about ethical investing. Warren Ingram speaks about ESG within the investing sector, Index Providers that offer ESG investments, the effects of war on energy independence & climate change and how it will affect future investing opportunities. 

Questions/ Topics: 

  1. I want to invest my money in company and organizations that don’t contribute to air pollution and climate change. What kinds of investments would these be?
  2. What is ESG & how does it play within the investing field? 
  3. Index Providers that offer ESG investments 
  4. The affects or war on energy independence and the use of fossil fuels across Europe
  5. How do you anticipate the impact of climate change on our investments? 
  6. How do you see the investment landscape changing with economic framework changes?
  7. The automotive industry and climate changes
  8. Renewable funding opportunities 

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