Active vs Passive Investing: What You Need to Know

In today’s episode, we welcome back one of our very first guests, The Finance Ghost. Warren and The Finance Ghost speak about active, and passive investing and why it’s good to dabble in both. They also touch base on single stock portfolio diversification, rebalancing,  the psychology behind risk trading and give great tips and insights on how to maximize on your returns. 

Questions/ Topics: 

  1. What does active investing mean? 
  2. What does passive investing/ index-tracking mean? 
  3. Should you do one or the other, or both? 
  4. Where should I need to open a brokerage account? 
  5. If I want to start ETF investing, how would I go about it? 
  6. What is broad market exposure? 
  7. MSCI World Index vs All Country World Index
  8. Single stock portfolios and rebalancing through portfolio managers
  9. Best guidelines for individual share investing 
  10. Rebalancing tips
  11. Portfolio diversification
  12. The psychology around risk trading 
  13. Time horizons and buying in stock drop
  14. The Finance Ghosts’ final advice 

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