Pensioners Advice & Investing Basics: Q&A with Warren Ingram

Today Warren Ingram answers your questions about pension funds and what the best way forward is for a Living Annuity vs a Guaranteed Annuity. Warren also touches on investing, is it better than a savings account in terms of fixed interest or should you be watching your investments and withdrawing your money as soon as it’s on the increase? 

Questions/ Topics: 

  1. Advice for pensioners, I would like to know how much i should allocate towards equities, would 100 minus your age be a good equity allocation and the rest in bond? Also, what percentage of equity allocation should be in foreign currency assuming a large portion of bonds is local? Furthermore, the current volatile markets highlight the need to not have all my income in a living annuity, but invest in a guaranteed annuity, given the current high CPI would it be best to wait for markets to improve and hopefully the CPI decreases? 
  2. I’ve recently opened up an Easy Equities account and I’ve seen my investments increase here and there. How does this work versus a savings account as we get a fixed investment on a normal savings account? Should I be watching my investments and taking my money out when it’s on an increase? 

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