Investing 101: Understanding Fees & What You Need To Know

Today Warren Ingram invites  Ray Mhere from Prescient back on the show to discuss the importance of fees in investing. What is the average range an investment manager should charge, hidden fees, performance-based fees, and the difference between international vs local fees? 

Questions/ Topics: 

  1. Understanding how fees work and impact your investment over time 
  2. The importance of calculating fees in monetary value 
  3. What is a fair fee and what should i know about upfront fees? 
  4. Hidden fees and what to look out for
  5. What is an administration platform and how does this impact your fees
  6. The average investment management fees 
  7. Calculating what your interest should be to cover inflation and fees
  8. Performance-based fees 
  9. International fees vs local fees 

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