Q&A: Making Your Contributions Go Further with Warren Ingram

In this week’s episode, Warren Ingram answers your questions about ETFs that pay out dividends vs ETFs that reinvest, what are the pros and cons of each? Warren also talks about tax payouts on your RA when emigrating, and what the end savings vs fees would be. 

Questions/ Topics:

  1. What are the pros and cons of ETFs that pay out dividends versus ETFs that reinvest the dividends? Should the decision of the two be based on the investment, your age or your financial status? 
  2. My question is about tax fees on your RA or pension fund when emigrating versus the tax savings you get from SARS for contributing to your RA. Is it fair to say the tax you pay on your RA when emigrating is the equivalent to the tax savings benefits from SARS, or is the tax on emigrating greater than what you would save over the years? How does this work?

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