Inflation: How Does It Work & How To Beat It

In today’s episode, Warren Ingram invites Odwa Sihlobo, Co-Head of Multi-Asset at Prescient Investment Management, to discuss inflation. How does it work, how will it affect you personally, and how can you beat inflation using various investment opportunities. 

Questions/ Topics: 

  1. What is inflation? 
  2. How is inflation calculated? 
  3. What is the impact of inflation? 
  4. How budgeting can help you track inflation? 
  5. How can we mitigate inflation over the next few years? 
  6. What is a notice deposit, and how can it help? 
  7. What is a fixed-deposit account? 
  8. Risk conservative investment options 
  9. Multi-asset & equities funds and time horizons
  10. Tax on your investments in terms of interest
  11. Investing in shares and balanced funds
  12. The marriage of risk and growth 
  13. Bond investments 

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