Investment Options: Which One Is Best For You

Today we welcome back ​​Rupert Hare, Co-Head of Multi-Asset at Prescient, to discuss the different kinds of investments available. Warren Ingram & Rupert speak about traditional investing methods, blending shares, questions to ask yourself before investing, multi-asset investments, and more.

Questions/ Topics: 

  1. Traditional investing vs equities vs multi-asset investments: what is this and how would it help me?
  2. Blending shares 
  3. Questions to ask yourself before investing
  4. Wins as an individual investor 
  5. Tax exemptions & tax tips on investments 
  6. Multi-asset investments: what investment opportunities are included in this? 
  7. Medium equity funds
  8. What does averaging in and averaging out an investment mean? 
  9. The secret to investing 

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