How to Own a Great Car, Cheaply!

On today’s episode, Warren Ingram invites The Finance Ghost back on the show to discuss vehicle financing in terms of balloon payments and how you can own great cars, cheaply! Warren and The Finance Ghost give tips on buying cars and touch base on local vs international investments.

Topics/ Questions:

  1. What are balloon payments & how does it work? 
  2. How to bring your monthly payments down on vehicle finance 
  3. What is second-gross and how do dealerships use this to their advantage?
  4. What is an access bond? 
  5. The importance of making car decisions with your partner 
  6. Tips on how to drive a great car, cheaply. 
  7. Mastering the discipline of servicing your car regularly 
  8. Tips before buying a car
  9. Local vs international investments & transaction costs
  10. The US Market: The Rand vs the Dollar 
  11. How do economic events affect the Rand vs Dollar vs Pound

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